The Experience

Why we do this

Creating an experience for people to share that only happens for a brief moment in time is a very fulfilling endeavor. This is an orchestration of many moving parts, with each piece playing an important role in the overall look and feel of the event. Excelling at that opens up a broader creative expression which benefits the guest through their experience. When you are a part of making memories you take it seriously. We do this because this is worth it.

Who we Are

Creativity, Quality, Design

We’ve been doing this with passion for almost 10 years and it continues to be an amazing experience of continued creative expression. We started this journey when we opened as a flower shop on College Street and continue today in our event design studio and office in the Film District of Toronto.

The team behind this is a creative powerhouse of event specialists. We love making memories for our clients and that begins with the initial discussion and continues all the way through to the event experience. With Jackie O you are working with professionals who have your best interests as our own.

What we Do

From conceptual to actual, we can provide full service décor and design. Whether it is a wedding, a social event or corporate function we offer a full spectrum of design and décor services and are able to align the goods and services based on the needs of the event. Each event has unique needs and requirements and the first step is to determine what the needs are and how we can fulfill them. You may require only stunning flowers which we are happy to offer, or you may require flowers, furniture, linen, AV, tenting and other elements. This bespoke service enables us to be a one stop shop for our clients which makes the experience easy and enjoyable.

Working with Event Planners

With events (like most things) you always hope for a successful outcome. But, events cannot be left to chance. Seamless and stress free events are planned and designed. Planners are vital and we work with many planners for both social and corporate events and take pride as partners in co-creation. Defining our role and the services required to bring the event design into reality is a part of the cooperative process that helps planners and clients achieve the greatest outcome. This customizable service aligns to the other elements and fills in any gaps that may exist.